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Dale Horton
Dale Horton, the driving force behind Crossfire United ECNL, is a seasoned leader in youth soccer development. With a wealth of coaching experience and a passion for nurturing talent, Dale founded Crossfire United ECNL to create a soccer environment that goes beyond the pitch. His vision extends beyond victories, focusing on character development, leadership, and fostering a love for the beautiful game.

If you’re a young soccer player looking for top-level competition and development opportunities, then ECNL Texas is the league for you. ECNL Texas is an elite youth soccer league that brings together talented athletes from the ECNL Girls and ECNL Girls Regional League. It offers a competitive format with exciting postseason prospects, ensuring that every game you play in the Texas Conference and Regional League matters. By participating in ECNL Texas, you have the chance to qualify for the ECNL Girls Playoffs or the ECNL Girls Regional Playoffs, putting you on the pathway to success.

Key Takeaways:

  • ECNL Texas is an elite youth soccer league for talented young athletes.
  • The league consists of teams from the ECNL Girls and ECNL Girls Regional League.
  • The competitive format of ECNL Texas offers postseason opportunities.
  • Participating teams can qualify for the ECNL Girls Playoffs or the ECNL Girls Regional Playoffs.
  • Joining ECNL Texas provides high-level competition and development for young soccer players.

ECNL Texas Teams and Results

In the highly anticipated inaugural ECNL Texas Cup, teams from the Texas Conference and Regional League showcased their skills and determination in pursuit of a spot in the postseason. The competition was fierce, and only the top-performing teams secured their qualification to the playoffs.

Victorious Teams from the Texas Conference:

  1. Solar SC G07
  2. Sting Dallas Black G08
  3. Solar SC G09
  4. Real Colorado National G10
  5. Solar SC G11

These exceptional teams emerged as winners in their respective age groups in the Texas Conference and earned automatic qualification to the ECNL Girls Playoffs. With their impressive performances, they have proven their capability to compete at the highest level in the ECNL Texas league.

Triumphant Teams from the Regional League:

  • West Side Alliance G07
  • Sting Dallas Royal G08
  • Sting Dallas Royal G09
  • Solar SC G10
  • Sting Dallas Black G11

In the Regional League, these outstanding teams showcased their talent and determination, coming out on top in their respective age groups. Their achievements were rewarded with automatic qualification to the ECNL Girls Regional League Playoffs.

The dedication and hard work displayed by these teams in the ECNL Texas Cup is a testament to the level of competition and talent within the league. As they move forward to the playoffs, they have the opportunity to continue their pursuit of excellence and make their mark on the national stage.

ECNL Texas Standings and Rankings

The ECNL Texas Regional League employs a comprehensive standings system to rank participating clubs based on their performance. These rankings play a crucial role in determining the seeding for playoff qualification. The standings and rankings are regularly updated to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the performance of each club within the league. This valuable data allows clubs and players to assess their progress and measure their competitiveness within the ECNL Texas Regional League.

ECNL Texas Standings

RankClub NamePlayedWonLostTiedPoints
1Solar SC1081125
2Sting Dallas1072122
3West Side Alliance1053217
4Real Colorado National1045113
5FC Dallas Youth1035211

ECNL Texas Rankings

  1. Solar SC
  2. Sting Dallas
  3. West Side Alliance
  4. Real Colorado National
  5. FC Dallas Youth

The above rankings indicate the current top five clubs based on their performance in the ECNL Texas Regional League. These rankings highlight the clubs’ consistency, success, and overall standing within the league.

By regularly checking the standings and rankings, clubs and players can gauge their progress, identify areas for improvement, and strategize for future matches. These valuable insights enable clubs and players to stay motivated, set goals, and strive for higher positions within the ECNL Texas Regional League.

ECNL Texas Tryouts and Schedule

If you’re an aspiring soccer player looking to join one of the prestigious ECNL Texas clubs, tryouts are your gateway to showcasing your talent and earning a spot on a competitive team. Each club holds tryouts during specified periods, providing you with the opportunity to impress coaches and secure your place on a roster. Keep an eye on the announcements made by ECNL Texas clubs to stay informed about the tryout dates and locations in your area.

Once you’ve made the team, you’ll be eager to know when and where the games and tournaments will take place. The ECNL Texas league, along with the participating clubs, releases a schedule that outlines the upcoming matches and events. This schedule is crucial for players, teams, and fans as it provides important information such as dates, venues, and opponents, allowing everyone to plan and prepare accordingly.

ClubTryout Period
Solar SCJune 1-5, 2022
Sting DallasJune 15-19, 2022
West Side AllianceJune 8-12, 2022
Real Colorado NationalJune 22-26, 2022

Table: ECNL Texas Club Tryout Periods

Upcoming ECNL Texas Schedule:

  • June 5, 2022: Solar SC vs. Sting Dallas at Jones Stadium
  • June 12, 2022: West Side Alliance vs. Real Colorado National at North Park Sports Complex
  • June 19, 2022: Solar SC vs. West Side Alliance at Solar Soccer Club Complex
  • June 26, 2022: Sting Dallas vs. Real Colorado National at Sting Soccer Complex

Stay tuned for any updates or changes to the tryout dates and schedule by regularly checking the websites and social media platforms of the ECNL Texas clubs and the league itself.

ECNL Texas Cup: A Unique Format for Competition

The ECNL Texas Cup introduces a new and exciting competition format within the league. This highly anticipated event showcases a round-robin format combined with a thrilling knockout stage. It is designed to determine the champions in each age group, offering an exhilarating and competitive experience for participating teams.

The round-robin format allows teams to compete against one another, ensuring that every game holds significance and contributes to the overall standings. It creates a dynamic and challenging environment where players can showcase their skills, learn from their opponents, and strive for excellence.

Following the round-robin stage, the knockout stage begins, intensifying the competition and adding an element of suspense and pressure. Teams must rise to the occasion, perform at their best, and demonstrate resilience to advance through each round.

This unique format of the ECNL Texas Cup closely simulates the experience of playing in a playoff-style environment. It provides players with invaluable opportunities to develop their skills under pressure and learn how to perform at their peak during high-stakes situations.

This image showcases the intense and exciting atmosphere of the ECNL Texas Cup, capturing the spirit of competition and the determination of young athletes striving for victory.

Coaches and directors in the league recognize the immense value of this format for player development. It prepares young athletes to excel in crucial moments and nurtures their competitive spirit, both on and off the field.

Benefits of ECNL Texas Cup and Knockout Style Tournament

The ECNL Texas Cup and the knockout style tournament offer numerous benefits to ECNL Texas clubs, teams, and players. The tournament provides additional competitive games that hold great significance and simulate the pressure of playoffs. Coaches and directors highly value this tournament as it allows them to evaluate their teams’ performance, identify areas for improvement, and prepare for future competitions.

“The ECNL Texas Cup is an amazing opportunity for our team to compete against top-level competition and showcase our abilities. It pushes us to perform our best and gives us valuable experience in high-pressure situations.”

One of the key advantages of the ECNL Texas Cup is that it ensures ECNL Texas clubs have enough high-level games within the league. This reduces the need for clubs to seek non-ECNL competition to find challenging opponents. By offering more competitive games, the cup enhances player development and provides a platform for clubs to showcase their talent and compete against the best teams in the region.

In addition, the knockout-style format adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the tournament. Each game becomes a do-or-die situation, pushing players to perform at their best and showcasing their ability to handle pressure. This format also gives players a taste of what it’s like to compete in high-stakes playoff matches, helping them develop the mental fortitude required to succeed in crucial moments.

“The ECNL Texas Cup is a fantastic event that exposes our players to intense competition and challenges them to step up their game. The knockout-style format creates an electrifying atmosphere that is invaluable for their overall development.”

The ECNL Texas Cup and the knockout style tournament provide a unique opportunity for clubs, teams, and players to refine their skills, gain exposure, and strive for greatness. By offering valuable competitive experiences within the league, this format contributes to the growth and success of ECNL Texas clubs and fosters the development of future soccer stars.

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Benefits of ECNL Texas Cup and Knockout Style Tournament

Diverse competitionThe tournament brings together top-level teams from the ECNL Texas league, providing exposure to various playing styles and challenges.
Performance evaluationCoaches can assess their teams’ performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and devise strategies for improvement.
Player developmentThe high-pressure environment of knockout games helps players enhance their mental toughness and ability to perform under pressure.
Talent showcaseClubs have the opportunity to display their players’ skills and attract attention from college scouts and higher-level programs.
In-league competitionThe cup provides additional high-level games within the ECNL Texas league, reducing the need for clubs to seek non-ECNL competition.

Overall, the ECNL Texas Cup and the knockout style tournament present a rewarding experience for ECNL Texas clubs, teams, and players, shaping their development, fostering competitiveness, and propelling them towards success.

Player Development and Instant Feedback in ECNL Texas Cup

The ECNL Texas Cup is not only a highly competitive event, but it also plays a significant role in the development of young soccer players. This knockout-style tournament provides a unique opportunity for players to showcase their skills and experience the thrill of playing under pressure.

Throughout the tournament, coaches have the chance to assess their players’ performance in high-stakes situations. This instant feedback allows them to identify areas of improvement and develop tailored training programs to enhance their players’ abilities.

For the players themselves, the ECNL Texas Cup offers an invaluable experience. It allows them to test their skills against top-level competition and understand what it takes to succeed in high-intensity matches. The adrenaline and excitement of playing for a trophy enhance their motivation and drive, pushing them to elevate their game and reach new heights.

The ECNL’s commitment to adapting and providing different formats, such as the Texas Cup, demonstrates its dedication to supporting the needs of clubs, teams, and players in their development. By offering this type of tournament, the league fosters an environment that promotes growth, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence.

Connecting Players and Clubs in ECNL Texas through TeamPlayr

TeamPlayr, a specialized platform, is the key to connecting youth soccer clubs and players in ECNL Texas. This innovative platform allows players to create detailed profiles, increasing their visibility and enabling clubs to discover new talents easily. With TeamPlayr, the process of finding the perfect match between players and clubs is streamlined, saving valuable time and effort for both parties.

Players can showcase their skills, highlight their accomplishments, and provide essential information through their profiles on TeamPlayr. This enhanced visibility maximizes opportunities for talented players to connect with ECNL Texas clubs and potentially join their ranks. It’s an ideal platform for aspiring soccer stars to gain recognition and be scouted by reputable clubs.

For ECNL Texas clubs, TeamPlayr offers a comprehensive solution for managing teams and facilitating connections with players. With the platform’s intuitive interface, clubs can streamline the tryout and team selection processes, making it easier to identify players who fit their development plans and team dynamics.

TeamPlayr’s database is populated with talented players actively seeking opportunities to join ECNL Texas clubs. It provides clubs with a rich pool of potential recruits, enabling them to effectively scout and recruit players who align with their playing style, philosophy, and long-term goals.

By leveraging the power of TeamPlayr, both players and clubs in ECNL Texas can benefit tremendously. Players have a platform to showcase their skills and catch the attention of clubs actively seeking new talent. Meanwhile, clubs can efficiently manage their teams, optimize the tryout process, and foster connections with players who can make an immediate impact on their rosters.


“TeamPlayr has revolutionized the way we recruit players for our ECNL Texas team. It’s made the process more efficient and streamlined, enabling us to find and connect with talented players easily.”

– Coach Smith, XYZ FC

“As a player, TeamPlayr has been instrumental in showcasing my skills to ECNL Texas clubs. It’s given me the opportunity to be discovered by top-tier teams and pursue my dream of playing at a higher level.”

– Player Johnson

Benefits of TeamPlayr:

  • Increased visibility for players looking to join ECNL Texas clubs
  • Efficient and streamlined tryout and team selection processes for clubs
  • Access to a rich database of talented players actively seeking opportunities
  • Effective matching between players and clubs based on playing style and philosophy
  • Opportunities for players to showcase their skills and catch the attention of clubs
  • Simplified management of teams and connections with players for clubs

Texas Club Soccer: Providing Local Opportunities

Texas Club Soccer offers a unique opportunity for local youth soccer players, parents, and coaches to form teams and participate in a league sanctioned by US Club Soccer. With a focus on providing high-quality competition and development pathways, Texas Club Soccer caters to aspiring athletes in the region.

The league features various offerings, including the ECNL Girls Regional – North Texas and the recently formed ECNL Boys Regional – North Texas. These divisions provide young players with the chance to compete against top teams in the area, further enhancing their skills and experience.

Partnering with Playbook Management International (PMI), Texas Club Soccer also manages the Roja League, an amateur men’s league in North Texas. This adds an additional dimension to the organization, ensuring a comprehensive soccer experience for players of all ages.

ECNL Texas Standings

Check out the current standings and rankings for ECNL Texas teams:

TeamPointsWinsDrawsLossesGoals ForGoals Against
Solar SC3010022810
Sting Dallas258132214
Real Colorado National227142016
West Side Alliance185341412
Other Teams

The standings and rankings provide valuable insights into the performance of ECNL Texas teams, allowing players, coaches, and fans to track their progress and competitiveness within the league.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and results as the ECNL Texas season progresses.


ECNL Texas is the premier youth soccer league in Texas, providing young athletes with competitive play and valuable development opportunities. With its unique format, including the highly anticipated ECNL Texas Cup, the league offers meaningful games that showcase players’ talents and enhance their skills. Participating clubs and teams have pathways to playoffs, where the pressure of high-stakes competitions can propel young athletes to perform at their best.

ECNL Texas is committed to meeting the needs of clubs and players, ensuring a dynamic and engaging environment for youth soccer in Texas. With its focus on player development, the league provides a platform for athletes to grow and improve, setting the stage for future success in their soccer careers. The ECNL’s dedication to adapt and innovate ensures that the league remains at the forefront of youth soccer in Texas.

By participating in ECNL Texas, young athletes have the opportunity to experience the competitiveness and excitement of playing in one of the top youth soccer leagues in the state. The league’s commitment to providing high-level play and development opportunities makes it the ideal choice for aspiring soccer players looking to take their skills to the next level. Join ECNL Texas and be part of the premier youth soccer experience in Texas!


What is ECNL Texas?

ECNL Texas is an elite youth soccer league that provides high-level play and development opportunities for talented young athletes.

How many teams participate in ECNL Texas?

Several teams from the ECNL Girls and ECNL Girls Regional League compete in ECNL Texas.

How are teams selected for ECNL Girls Playoffs?

Teams from the Texas Conference in ECNL Texas can earn automatic qualification to the ECNL Girls Playoffs by winning their respective age groups in the Texas Conference.

How are teams selected for ECNL Girls Regional League Playoffs?

Teams from the Regional League in ECNL Texas can earn automatic qualification to the ECNL Girls Regional League Playoffs by winning their respective age groups in the Regional League.

What is the standings system in ECNL Texas?

The ECNL Texas Regional League has a standings system that ranks participating clubs based on their performance, which determines seeding and playoff qualification.

When are tryouts held for ECNL Texas clubs?

ECNL Texas clubs hold tryouts during specific periods announced by the clubs.

Where can I find the schedule for ECNL Texas games and tournaments?

The schedule for ECNL Texas games and tournaments is released by the league and participating clubs.

What is the ECNL Texas Cup?

The ECNL Texas Cup is a new competition format in ECNL Texas that features a round-robin format and a knockout stage to determine the champions in each age group.

What are the benefits of the ECNL Texas Cup?

The ECNL Texas Cup provides additional competitive games, allows coaches to evaluate their teams’ performance, and simulates the pressure of playoffs.

How does the ECNL Texas Cup contribute to player development?

The ECNL Texas Cup combines high-level competition with the excitement of playing for a trophy, providing instant feedback and experience in a playoff-style environment.

How can players connect with clubs in ECNL Texas?

TeamPlayr, a specialized platform, allows players to create profiles and increase their visibility for clubs looking to discover new talents in ECNL Texas.

What is Texas Club Soccer?

Texas Club Soccer is a local youth soccer organization that offers various leagues, including the ECNL Girls Regional – North Texas and the recently formed ECNL Boys Regional – North Texas.

What are the goals of ECNL Texas?

ECNL Texas aims to provide competitive play and development opportunities for young athletes while adapting to the needs of clubs and players.